Boomer having a wonderful time with his GrandPaw the week of Thanksgiving. 


Boomer’s Bone

And this why Boomer cannot have nice things…..Just kidding.  Sort of. 



(and I need to vacuum and dust the floor, whew! sorry about that)

Happy Holidays!

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Beach Bum Boomer

Boomer had lots of beach trips this year… here are a few from his trips:


IMG 8298IMG 4609IMG 4739IMG 4770IMG 4904IMG 4936IMG 5456IMG 6622IMG 6824IMG 6828IMG 6868IMG 7551IMG 7572IMG 7614


Our sweet Scamp went to the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday after his long and hard fight with cancer.   



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Until we meet again, my sweet boy. 

Dog Swim 2012

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Boomer and the Treat

Boomer is an odd dog.  If you give him a treat and he isn’t hungry, he will hide it. This is also true of toys, if the toy is deemed special he will also hide the toy.  This little video gives you a glimpse of what he does when he hides his toy.

First he cries, then he finds a spot, digs, buries the special toy/treat, then uses his nose to pile the imaginary dirt back on the treat/toy.